We install safety traffic devices

Gradually evolving Hakom company, focused on the production, mounting and installation of vertical traffic signage, is now among the leaders in the Slovak market.

Hakom brings to the Slovak market news of world leaders in traffic safety since 1993. The current renown is gained especially through the development of new products, investments in new technologies, the use of quality materials and a comprehensive range of services. In cooperation with 3M, the company introduced on the Slovak market a removable tape Stamark for horizontal road marking and digital printing of vertical traffic signage. Team of qualified professionals performs quality and fast mounting of traffic signs of all dimensions. In cooperation with world manufacturers of safety traffic devices it also helps to reduce the consequences of traffic accidents by installing shock absorbers, road vehicles or ending terminals. Excellence of the Hakom company is also ensured by building and projection activities. Especially, projects for the design of permanent traffic signage, traffic organization and traffic constructions are predominant..


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