Production of traffic signs

We offer you:

  • Vertical traffic signs, including supporting structure:
    • permanent traffic signs
    • portable traffic sifgnsy
  • Horizontal traffic marking temporary – Stamark tape

Vertical traffic signs are made of galvanized sheet metal with a curved edge or galvanized sheet metal with a aluminum edge profile. Made in three sizes: reduced, basic and increased.

The quality is assured by the use of a retro-reflective foil from a renowned company 3M . Retro-reflective foil is in these variants: I. class (EG, 7 years); II. class: (HIP, 10 years); III. class (DG, 10 years - fluorescence also).

Vertical traffic signs will be made for you by digital printing or in combination with color screen printing and EC film.

The base of the traffic sign is a underlay which is formed by pressing a hard galvanized sheet of 1 mm thickness. By hemming a marginal profile, dangerous edges are removed along the circumference of the underlay. The edges can also be removed with a reinforced edge with a double bend.

We use two pressing technologies:

  • pressing by oppression with the rimming of the underlay by means of a rimming device,
  • a computer-controlled press that performs all the tasks

Traffic sign is bend resistant and safe because it doesn't have sharp edges. For reinforcement of the sign is C-profile mounted on the rear, which allows fixation on a pillar.

Graphics is applied in two ways:

  • foil on foil application - application of the sign base area in the appropriate color foil on the sheet and the following application of the graphic by the foils themselves, or by the colored EC film gradually to each other,
  • layer minimization can be done by screen printing, which is mainly used for frequently repeated symbols or by digital printing using the DURST machine, which guarantees high quality and durability of printing.


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