IMS policy

Integrated policy

By providing quality environmental services, we want to contribute to the delivery of the environment for future generations in a sustainable condition and contribute to increasing the environmental awareness of the population. Company management is fully aware of its responsibility and irreplaceable role in ensuring the effectiveness of all processes. Way to, the management system ensures and proves the ability to continually provide products and services, and last but not least, that the effort of the quality management system is aimed at increase customer satisfaction, environmental protection and OSH.

  • The organization considers the process organization as the basis of the quality management system according to ISO 9001. When applying, relevant contexts is considered. We consider the environmental aspects and their impacts to our activities, products and services as the basis of environmental management system according to the ISO 14001. In view of OHSAS 18001 requirements, this basis is created by identified risks.
  • In performing individual activities, the organization enforces applicable, obligatory and other requirements that the organization has committed to fulfill.
  • Whole strategic direction of the organization is focused to strenghtening the purpose expressed in the range of certification.
  • The organization declares hereby its commitment for permanent (continuous) improvement of the management system and its efficiency (behavior), for environmental protection, including pollution prevention and other specific commitments relevant to organization contexts, for the prevention of accidents and health damage.
  • This policy has been embraced by the organization to declare its long-term aim and management direction.
  • At the same time, this policy gives a framework for setting goals(quality, environment, OSH), which are already measures for specific workers, that the organization receives and evaluates at annual intervals.
  • The validity and appropriateness of this policy is ensured by the management survey.

Integrated system policy




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