Passive safety

A crash with  a fixed barrier (collision with tree, power line column, brand bearer, ads & nbsp; etc.) is long-term in  traffic accident statistics  in the leading positions in assessing the severity of the consequences of road accidents. Suddenly, the energy absorption of a vehicle in  and relatively short time and relatively short distances often results in serious injuries that are, in many cases, incompatible with human life. The development of vehicles, especially automobiles from the viewpoint of passive safety, has overcome many aims - from the establishment of safety belts through the establishment of airbags to protect the most frequently injured parts of the crew. Many of the logic obligations for different categories of traffic users are also imposed today by traffic rules (mandatory safety seats, helmets, etc.).

The safe construction of the vertical traffic sign is a new element that begins to appear on Slovak roads.Wider representation is in R1 - Nitra - west - Beladice - Tekovské Nemce. At the end of October 2011, a stretch of 46 km was delivered. In 2012, its fourth part has been added - the North Bypass BB, with its total length of 5.7 km. On all sections of this construction and its objects there are 32 large-scale information traffic signs placed on "safe" bearing structures, tested for impact.

In 2012, two constructions of large-scale traffic signs with passive safety were used for the first time in Slovakia on the 1st class road as part of the construction - Trnava, the northern bypass. A section of 4.5 km length was delivered in June this year.

The advantage of using such structures is mainly the possibility of safely solving the location of a large-scale traffic sign in a place, where mainly for spatial reasons, it is not possible to add safety road barrier with an appropriate working width and a distance from the obstacle,  in this case the bearer of vertical traffic sign.  It is often difficult to achieve, by standards and technical specifications from the manufacturer, the values required for width configuration, for example, for the necessary additional purchase of land and the need for an additional change in the width configuration of the road in the shoulder area



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