• 14. march 2018

    TSD conformance certificate

    This confirms that Hakom´s facilities operate in accordance with 3M technology and applications guidelines. This is to certify that the company Hakíom s.r.o. has passed 3M sign-fabrication, approval and appraisal review and has been awarded a TSD conforma

  • 08. february 2018

    Road restraint system - safety barrier

    The ministry of transport and construction of the Slovak republic, section of road transport and land communication issued in accordance with the article 3.1.5. the technical conditions of TP 010 safety barriers on roads RECOMMENDATION to use the road res

  • 07. december 2017

    Mounting of railling safety road barriers

    In october, we were mounting a railling safety road barrier on the expressway R1 – Sielnica crossroad. During november we realized delivery and mounting of railling safety road barrier for the construction of Jaguar and Rover


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